About Listoke

Listoke is a family run property and our mission is simple: ‘To pour our love, energy and passions into all that we do ‘ and then share that with our guests. There is no end to the ways in which guests can share in the gifts Listoke has to offer:

Take a stroll through the gardens picking raspberries warm off the bushes.

Take a walk through the snow with a carrot for the horses.

Turn up 5 minutes early for a yoga class and lie on the grass listening to bird song.

Come for a sound bath and end up chatting afterwards with new friends over tea.

Take an early morning walk through the woods, see the bees out gathering pollen and nectar before heading back into the log burning fire to eat their honey for breakfast.

See if you can find where the very free range hens are laying.

Take your morning coffee to the patio and catch a glimpse of rehearsals for a midsummer’s night’ dream under the walnut tree.

The possibilites are endless. Your hosts Juliet and Raymond are passionate about Music, the Healing Arts, Theatre, food, local produce and anything we can grow ( Juliet), horses, the environment, mead making , local history and heritage ( Raymond),